Have you ever looked at your parent's Senior Pictures?  There's probably one of your mom in a drape or your dad in a tux or a suit and one in a cap and gown. They probably went to the school for the yearbook photographer to take them. They probably aren't what you are looking for. A lot has changed in Senior Photography over the years and you may be wondering what the trends are now and what to expect.  There are three major trends you should be aware of when you choose you Senior Photographer and schedule your session. 1). You have a choice. You may have to get year ook pictures made at the school, but for the Senior Portraits you will give to friends and family, use to create your announcements and thank you notes, use for Senior ads and use throughout the year you can choose any photographer who fits your style. 2). Senior Portraits are about a lot more than a cap and gown and a drape/tux. We still do those, too, if you want them, but your Senior Portraits should reflect who YOU are and show your individuality. Bring your thing - whether it's a football or a chess board, bring the uniforms and accessories from your extracurricular activities so we can create something uniquely yours. 3). In addition to our professional studio, we go on location. You may or may not ways live in Hot Springs so, they're really cool, but more importantly location images give your session a feel for who you are and where you come from. Whether you choose the downtown area, your favorite park, on the lake or your own backyar, choose somewhere that is special to you. 4). Fashion rules. You have a style and you should show it. It's ok (and even encouraged) to bring half your closet. Well photograph you in several different outfits with different accessories so bring all. Your favorite things and we'll hotly choose what will photograph the best. 5). Your Senior Portrait session should be one of the highlights of your senior year. We want you to have a blast so come prepared to make a great memory!Location pictures are includ