Signature Custom Sessions are what our studio is known for, but if you've never experienced custom photography before you may have questions about exactly what that means.

There are four parts to your Signature Custom Session:

- the Style & Planning Consultation

- the Photography Session

- the Ordering Appointment

- the Delivery of your finished artwork

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10227625561022762556Books, succulents and orchid on living room coffee table


During the Style & Planning Consultation, we will discuss your vision for your portraits and work together to make a plan to turn that vision into reality.  Every detail plays a part in that plan, from the location where you will be photographed and the clothes you will wear to how you will display your finished artwork.  We are happy to help walk you through all of those decisions.  The Style & Planning Consultation can occur in your home (where we can help choose your most photogenic clothes and take measurements for your wall portraits) or in the studio (where you can see examples of all the things we offer).

Your Photography Session is usually a few weeks after your Style & Planning Consultation so you will have time to make hair appointments and do any last-minute shopping for wardrobe pieces.  It's a good idea to get haircuts or color done a week or two before the session so you have time to adjust to any styling changes.  The location for your Session is determined during your Consultation - your home or another place that is special to your family is a good choice.  If you don't have somewhere in mind, we can recommend several good locations and the studio and studio portrait garden are always options.  Once the location has been determined, we will let you know the time of day when the light is the very best and most pleasing, however, we also have a full range of light modification so that we can photograph at a time that is convenient for your family.

About a week after your Photography Session is your Ordering Appointment.  This is typically done in the studio where we have special software that will allow you to see your images on your own walls (we will photograph them during the Style & Planning Consultation or you can text us some quick cell phone pictures) in the size you are considering and in the frame of your choice.  This really helps when trying to determine the perfect size or whether to hang your portrait over the sofa or the mantle.

A few weeks later, we will deliver your finished artwork to you and, if you want, even help you hang it on the wall!  

Our goal is to create an experience your family enjoys and to document that experience with beautiful art pieces that flatter your family and fit your decor, art pieces that make you smile every time you look at them.  The $500 session fee includes a $300 product credit.  Individual Images begin at $150.  Call us today to schedule your Signature Custom Session, Quick Take Session, or Limited Edition Session.

10227625561022762556Books, succulents and orchid on living room coffee table