What your group sells 

Each member receives an order form, money envelope and packet of information sheets.  Participants give your members $20 and receive an information sheet with a description of what they are getting and studio contact information.  They fill out the order form with their name, phone number, address and email address so the studio can contact them to set up their session.  For their $20, they will receive a 30 minute session and 1 full resolution digital image with an image release.  Your group keeps the entire $20 from the sale.

What happens next

At the end of the two week selling period, the organization will turn all of the the order forms over to the studio.  The studio will then contact each participant to schedule their session during the event weekend (or week, depending on the number of sales).  When the client arrives at the studio, they will have a 30 minute session followed by an image presentation.  During the presentation, they pick out their free image which is sent to them immediately by email.  They may choose to order additional images at 1/2 the normal studio price ($22.50/image or $225 for the entire session) at that time.  If they make a purchase, the studio will make them a CD of images immediately and post any purchased images to share with family and friends within 24 hours.

Whats in it for your group

A very easy sales promotion with no product to deliver or percentages to keep up with.  Your group keeps the entire $20 paid directly to you by each participant.  

Whats in it for your members

Members earn prizes based on the number of sessions sold.  Prize levels are at 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 sessions with a special prize for the member who sells the most sessions.  Prize levels are cumulative.  Additional prizes are awarded to the organization based on the number of sales and percentage of members selling.

Whats in it for your volunteers

Volunteers are awarded prizes based on the percentage of their membership selling.  Up to 15 volunteers are also offered the opportunity to participate in the presale promotion one month prior to your selling time.  These volunteers receive a free session and three free digital images or $75 off the purchase of the session CD.  Their images will be used in the organizations promotional materials for your sales event.