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Senior Pictures in the Wildflowers

High School Senior with long blond hair in cream colored dress sitting in wildflowersSenior Portrait in wildflowersSpring wildflowers make a great setting for Senior Pictures graphic of title "wildflower wonder" and wildflowersWildflower wonder graphicWildflower wonder It's that time of year again!  The wildflowers are beautiful right now and they make a great setting for senior portraits.  Here are some tips to consider when planning your wildflower session:

Top 5 Tips for Wildflower Portraits

1.  Wear bug spray, not perfume.  Wildflowers are beautiful.  We love to look at them and smell them and so do all the littlest flying and creepy crawly creatures.  Your portrait session will be a lot more fun if you aren't itchy.

2.  Sturdy shoes (or rain boots) and long pants are good choices.  In addition to the tiny creatures, wildflowers grow in very muddy areas sometimes and can be home to snakes.  Your pictures will look better if you aren't worried about getting bitten or ruining a nice outfit.

3.  Prepare for allergens.  If you are prone to hay fever attacks, a preventative antihistamine can save the day.  Swollen red eyes and leaky noses don't photograph well.

4.  Style matters.  Wildflowers make a great setting for Senior Pictures, but some styles look much more natural in them than others.  Some good styles for outfit choices are Boho, Gypsy, Rustic, and Country.  

5.  Consider color.  Color harmony makes any portrait better.  Consider the color of the flowers in the field you are photographing and wear colors that match or compliment them.  For example, a field of red clover looks great with bold colors, while a field of pale pink evening primrose looks better with pastels.  

Senior Portrait of girl with long blond hair wearing a dress in a field of wildflowers standing beside a treeSpring portrait by treeWildflower season in Arkansas runs from March to May Senior portrait of a girl in a dress standing 1/3 of the way into a field of flowersSenior portrait in field of flowersFlowers in front of, as well as, behind the senior add dimension to the portrait.


Be Mine

Be Mine Limited Edition Session Rebecca Peterman Photography 2017 Be Mine Limited Edition Set2017 Be Mine Limited Edition Set2017 Be Mine Limited Edition Set

Valentine's Day is only a month away and here it is....the Be Mine Limited Edition set for Saturday, February 4th in the studio at 301 Oakcliff Street. One day only. $25 Session Fee and Packages start at just $25, too.  View your images and order immediately after your session.  Prints and Classroom Exchange Valentines will be ready for you to take home in five minutes, specialty products will be available for pickup in one week.  Call the studio (501-623-2811) asap to reserve your spot.

Available Packages include:

$75 5-Digital Files & 1-5x7 Print of each

$50 8x11 Metal Ornate Print (perfect gift for grandparents!)

$25 2-5x7s & 4-4x6s (single pose)

$25 24 Classroom Exchange Valentines

$25 Single Digital File or give me a call at 501-623-2811 to schedule your session time. 

Rebecca Peterman Photography 2017 Classroom Exchange Cards2017 Exchange Cards2017 Exchange Cards


Custom Graduation Announcements

If you haven't had any young people in your life for a few years, it may come as surprise to you that very few graduates send traditional invitations with a wallet photo of themselves in a cap and gown anymore. There are a lot of reasons for that, including the fact that many schools limit the number of guests a student can have at graduation. The biggest reason, though, is just that there are so many more possibilities. Many seniors (and their parents!) are pleased to discover that Custom Graduation Announcements are often less expensive than the traditional invitations the school is offering. They also give the Senior the opportunity to say anything they want, include several of their favorite pictures and choose a design that shows their personality. 

Things to remember when designing your Grad Announcements:

1) Ask your photographer if the images on the announcement will be retouched, most professionals include this service, but some charge an additional fee. 

2) If including a lot of pictures is important to you, you might want a folding card with four or six sides instead of a flat card with just two sides. 

3) If you are making a photo collage, close ups look better  if you want to include full length portrait, choose less images so they won't be too small on the finished card  

4) If you order a 5x7 card and include a single image on one side with no text, it makes a frameable print for your relatives who receive the card. 

5) If you want your card to stand out from the others people are receiving you might want to consider a square card or custom shape. 

6) Custom Announcements are a great place to include the details of your graduation ceremony or graduation party if you want to invite everyone. 

7) If you are planning to make a Photo Thank You Card designing them both at the same time so they coordinate is a nice touch and will save you time later on.

8) Details matter - don't forget to look at different paper and envelope options. 

9)  You will have a lot of writing to do this year. Printing your return address on the envelope or ordering matching return address labels may be a great time saver.



Themed Senior Sessions

Senior Girl with Car and BalloonsBalloons and a BugLove my Bug Last week we started our new summer series on trends in Senior Photography.  It was all about Cap & Gown pictures and if you missed it, you can check it out here. This week we are going to talk about Themed Senior Sessions. Stylized sessions are all the rage right now and SO much fun to do!  No matter which concept you like best, these sessions allow you to show your individuality and creativity and that's exactly what you want in Senior Pictures - an experience that creates a memory of who you are today. 

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect Themed Senior Session:

1)  Plan ahead - in these sessions every detail counts so it's more important than ever to plan out exactly what you want. 

2)  Create a Pinterest board.  Pinning images in the style you like will help you decide on the finer details and help us understand exactly the look you are going for.

3)  Communication is key!  A consultation before your Senior Session is always a good idea, but if you want a stylized theme it is essential.  We want to make sure we know exactly the look you are going for share our ideas to give you a perfect result!

4)  Consider having your hair and makeup done professionally.

5)  Don't rule out anything.  If you can dream it, we would love to hear it.  We may have resources you never thought about.

6)  Make sure that your theme reflects your personality.  Really great Senior Pictures aren't really great if they don't look anything like you.

7)  Think about inviting a few friends.  If you want to go all out and plan a super extravagant theme, making it a group activity can help spread out the cost and work involved and make a great memory from your senior year at the same time.  

Some themes we've seen are: sports of all kinds, Boho, Fairytale, Urban, Gypsy, A Day at the Fair, & Superheros.  What can imagine for your Senior Experience?

Senior Guy with Soccer NetSoccer SessionSoccer Picture Senior Girl Boho Picture in WildflowersBoho Senior SessionBoho Girl

Not Your Parents' Senior Pictures

Today is the first installation in a new summer series on trends in Senior Photography.  I've been in business for 13 years now, so this years Seniors were in Kindergarten when I started making Senior Pictures.  During that time, some things have stayed the same, but a lot has changed.  Most Seniors are getting their Senior Pictures done this month so each week we will look at a different current trend and give you some tips on how to make the most of your Senior Experience!

Today's blog is about Cap & Gown pictures.  Over the years, these haven't changed much - until now!  This year's Cap & Gown pictures are fun and full of variety!  For most of my career the Seniors didn't really want a Cap & Gown picture, but we did one anyway for their parents & grandparents.  We still do one of those traditional ones for them, too, but with the new style the Cap & Gown pictures are just as fun as the other Senior Pictures and today's Seniors love them.  Here's what we recommend for your Cap & Gown Session:

1)  Schedule early - especially if your school allows you to submit your own yearbook photo.  Give the photographer plenty of time to process your images and give yourself plenty of time to choose before the deadline.  The best time for all Senior Pictures is in June, but this especially true for your Cap & Gown Session.

2)  Wear a classic dress or suit to the studio to go under your Cap & Gown.  Black and white are always good choices, but so is an outfit in your school colors.  You don't want your outfit to clash with your robes.

3)  Bring a fun, casual outfit too.  You might want to change about 1/2 way through your session to have some variety to choose from.  Part of what makes today's images so much more engaging is that they have an element of surprise and fun thrown in!

4)  Wear your class ring.  If you have a ring be sure and wear it to your photography sessions so that it can be incorporated into the images.

5)  Bring your favorite thing.  Whether it's a football, clarinet or pompoms, you'll want to personalize your pictures with your favorite activities.

6)  Be sure to remember your dress shoes and casual shoes and any jewelry or accessories you want to wear.

7)  Pay extra attention to your hair, nails, makeup, shave, etc - yes, it will show in the photo.

And, most of all . . .

8)  Have fun!  If you are having a good time your pictures will look better than if you aren't.

This summer our studio is doing a special Senior '17 promotion just for Cap & Gown Pictures.  A $17 Session Fee and Packages starting at just $17 with 17 poses to choose from.  There are three dates available, all on Tuesdays, June 7th, July 12th & August 2nd.  If you haven't scheduled your Cap & Gown Session, call us today!  

Traditional Cap & Gown PicturesTraditional Cap & Gown PicturesTraditional Cap & Gown Pictures Trendy Cap & Gown PicturesTrendy Cap & Gown PicturesTrendy Cap & Gown Pictures

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